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Your Language Spoken Here.

CONNX is your one-stop shop for data access.

Since our establishment in 1989, we have seen and connected to just about every enterprise database on the market. Whether you use a relational or non-relational data source, a legacy application, an Enterprise Resource Planning system or a Cloud-based CRM platform, CONNX speaks your language. We have developed database access tools through open standards across all major computing platforms.

Our suite of products span the full spectrum of data access solutions, equipping you with the tools you need to access, integrate, and manage your data wherever it may reside. Free yourself from the constraints of native database architecture and enter a world of data liberation, where the only limits to what is possible are your unique needs.

Choose from the following CONNX products:

Data Connectors   CONNX Drivers
Unlock your data wherever it resides

  Excel Add-In   Excel Add-In
Access data quicker and easier to any data source within Microsoft Excel

DataSync   DataSync
Real-time, Change Data Capture, and Transformation

  Transformation and SSIS Adapter   Transformation and SSIS Add-In
Seamless Extract-Transform-Load (ETL). Add CDC and extend SSIS to over 100 data sources

InfoNaut   InfoNaut
Enterprise Desktop Query and Reporting Platform

  Web Enablement   Web Enablement
Secure E-Commerce and Cloud integration

InfoNaut   KPiSync
Visualize Key Business Metrics

  Web Enablement   InstantdbSync
Real-time Data Replication/Synchronization

CONNX Architecture   CONNX Architecture
Learn the secrets behind our high-efficiency/low-maintenance data access solutions