BELLEVUE, Wash. – March 5, 2001

SolutionsIQ Announces Plans to Spin Off Software Products Division

SolutionsIQ, a leading information technology company based in Bellevue, Washington, today announced plans to spin off its Software Products Division by the end of September 2001. The new independent company, tentatively named CONNX Solutions, Inc., will remain privately held. This exciting move enables both companies to execute on independent strategies and to develop greater focus on their respective opportunities and core competencies while building on leadership positions in their respective markets.

"As a new stand-alone company, CONNX Solutions, Inc. will be better positioned to focus on strategic objectives and build on our leading position in the marketplace. We are creating a vibrant new company that from its beginning will be an industry leader," stated Doug Wright, president and CEO of both SolutionsIQ and CONNX Solutions, Inc. "We are thrilled to be able to take a great product to the next level."

The Software Products Division was started in 1989 when SolutionsIQ, then CNA Computer Systems Engineering, recognized that changes to the decision-support needs of its customers required a product that allowed PCs to access traditionally non-accessible data sources on host legacy systems.

This led to the development of CONNX®, the division’s flagship product. CONNX was originally developed as an API to access digital RMS files. Subsequent customer-centric releases of CONNX have moved the product beyond a simple API to an open standards-based (ODBC/OLE DB/JDBC), full-featured suite of data access software tools that allow simultaneous secure, real-time, read/write access to all of an organization’s different and sometimes incompatible data sources - regardless of location. Continuous investment in research and development has improved the performance capabilities and ease of use of CONNX

The new company, CONNX Solutions, Inc., will focus on expanding its flagship product CONNX, and complementary products InfoNaut and IQuery, as well as on placing more emphasis on new services for training and consulting. CONNX is well-suited to ease core IT integration issues that face all corporations in today’s world of mixed production applications and many different database environments.

CONNX’s value proposition emphasizes reliability, scalability, security, and significant cost savings as key benefits designed to help clients effectively manage various ranges of IT complexity.

The new company will maintain its offices in Bellevue, Washington, and predicts substantial growth in sales and technical staff, including senior executives, over the next year to meet anticipated customer demand. In addition to its proven technology, CONNX has a loyal 3,000company strong customer base made up of global 1,000 companies, including educational and health care institutions.

"Through separating our consulting and products businesses, we believe that each company will make decisions more quickly, deploy resources more rapidly and efficiently, and operate with greater agility," said Doug Wright.

Officers of the new company will include.
Douglas D. Wright - Co-Founder, President
John Evans - Co-Founder, Secretary/Treasurer
Larry McGhaw - Director of Product Development
Shirley McKinney - Sales Manager
Laura Burnett - Office Manager

About CONNX Solutions
CONNX Solutions, Inc., (formerly SolutionsIQ's Software Products Division) with its flagship software product, CONNX, brings EAI/universal data access technology to over 3,000 organizations worldwide by enabling access to all enterprise data, regardless of origin, through one interface. The company maintains strategic relationships with industry-leading organizations including Microsoft Corporation; Oracle Corporation; Sybase Inc.; Informix; Computer Associates International, Inc.; IBM Corporation; and Compaq Computer Corporation. Founded in 1989, CONNX remains locally owned and managed through its headquarters in Bellevue, Washington. For more information, contact CONNX Sales at (425) 519-6600, or visit our Web site at .

About SolutionsIQ SolutionsIQ is a leading provider of project-based consulting and professional technical staffing. The Technical Staffing Division provides highly experienced software development professionals on a contract basis for short- and long-term commitments as well as permanent placement. The Project-Based Services Division provides consulting services and specialized development solutions on a project basis. Technical staffing and consulting clients include Microsoft, Nordstrom, Starbucks, and many others. Founded in 1979, SolutionsIQ remains locally owned and managed through its headquarters in Bellevue, Washington. For more information contact Jon-Jacques Umphrey at 425-451-2727 or visit our Web site at

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