REDMOND, Wash. March 14, 2002

CONNX Solutions Announces 8.7 Release

CONNX Solutions today announced the latest release of its industry-leading data access middleware product -- CONNX 8.7. CONNX 8.7 incorporates a number of significant performance enhancements in addition to support for an additional data source - C-ISAM files on AIX, SunOS, SCO, HPUX and Linux.

"CONNX 8.7 opens up the CONNX technology to the UNIX world of C-ISAM, providing a native, high-performance C-ISAM driver ," said Larry McGhaw, Director of Product Development.

CONNX Solutions' vision of one common data access interface to all data sources within an enterprise was extended by the release of CONNX 8.7 and its support for the C-ISAM database. While many standards such as XML attempt to solve the disparate database integration problem, most of these tend to rely on multiple products and messaging technology, or are so generic they cause tremendous manual effort to accomplish the task. CONNX differs by integrating databases in real-time and through one common, integrated interface product.

In general, legacy data sources such as C-ISAM are the backbone of enterprise computing. The Internet is creating a need in the enterprise (and throughout the industry) to be able to seamlessly access both relational and non-relational data sources as if they were stored in a single database. The CONNX architecture enables users to overlay common relational technology access on data sources within the enterprise, regardless of location, type, or hardware.

CONNX 8.7 also includes a new major feature, called Infonaut Professional, an easy to use query building and report writer wrapped into one tool.  Additionally, CONNX 8.7 rolls out a native OLEDB provider,  providing seamless integration with Microsoft's .NET technology platform.

CONNX Solutions CEO Douglas D. Wright described the need for InfoNaut Professional in the following statement: "Many of the reporting tools on the market today provide fabulous functionality for those that need and understand that functionality. But there are those who do not have the need for complex capabilities - mainly business users and some developers - who just want to build a quick query that returns the information they need without having to go through a large product-learning curve. With non-InfoNaut products, the overabundance of features tends to slow down the process of accessing information."

About CONNX Solutions
CONNX Solutions, Inc., (formerly SolutionsIQ's Software Products Division) with its flagship software product, CONNX, brings EAI/universal data access technology to over 3,000 organizations worldwide by enabling access to all enterprise data, regardless of origin, through one interface. The company maintains strategic relationships with industry-leading organizations including Microsoft Corporation; Oracle Corporation; Sybase Inc.; Informix; Computer Associates International, Inc.; IBM Corporation; and Compaq Computer Corporation. Founded in 1989, CONNX remains locally owned and managed through its headquarters in Bellevue, Washington. For more information, contact CONNX Sales at (425) 519-6600, or visit our Web site at .


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