REDMOND, Wash. June, 2003

CONNX Solutions Relocates to Redmond

The thing we love to do the most is to break through barriers of one kind or another, and now we’ve gone and done it again. CONNX Solutions has relocated into Microsoft territory by moving bag and baggage uptown into Redmond. It all happened in the course of a few days – we shifted into high gear on a Friday in early June, shutting down our servers and packing our monitors in foam, and by the time business opened on Monday morning in our new location, we were up and running with nary a hitch.
Reason for relocation? Business expansion and growth! With an ever-broadening customer base and many new employees, we needed more elbow room, while keeping an eye open toward increasing business development.
The most attractive features of our new office space are a conference room that is double the size of our previous one; several new, smaller conference rooms; and much larger testing and training areas.

The new view from the front.

The new reception area.

The new conference room.

The new training room.