REDMOND, Wash. – July 1, 2003

CONNX Solutions Announces Summer 2003 Training Schedule

CONNX Solutions, Inc. is conducting two hands-on training sessions this summer, offering in-depth technical information on its flagship software product, CONNX, and specifically designed for companies that are currently using or planning to use CONNX to develop, sell, or support enterprise-wide software solutions using Microsoft .NET. The name of the course, which has been tailored for DBA/developers, and system, network, or PC administrators, is “Building Web Solutions with CONNX and Microsoft .NET”.

The training course comprises concentrated discussions on a range of related topics, including CONNX architecture, SQL syntax, linking CONNX Data Dictionaries, query optimization, CONNX configuration settings, CONNX and JDBC, how CONNX integrates with ASP .NET, how to build a .NET application using CONNX as a data source, and how to deploy your Web application once it has been constructed.

Further details of the training sessions and a registration form are available on the Web at or by clicking here. Registration begins now!

About CONNX Solutions
CONNX Solutions, Inc., with its flagship software product, CONNX, brings EAI/universal data access technology to over 3,000 organizations worldwide by enabling access to all enterprise data, regardless of origin, through one interface. The company maintains strategic relationships with industry-leading organizations including Microsoft Corporation; Oracle Corporation; Sybase Inc.; Informix; Computer Associates International, Inc.; IBM Corporation; and Compaq Computer Corporation. Founded in 1989, CONNX remains locally owned and managed through its headquarters in Redmond, Washington. For more information, contact CONNX Sales at (425) 519-6600, or visit our Web site at