REDMOND, Wash. – July 6, 2004

CONNX Solutions Commences Partnership with Byte Designs; Develops New DISAM Module and Expands Supported Platforms

CONNX Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of simplified data access, management, and integration software solutions, today announces its partnership with Byte Designs, the ISAM experts and creators of the DISAM/DISAM96, a C-ISAM (Informix)-compatible file handler.

“This is a real coup for CONNX,” says Shirley McKinney, Director of Business Development at CONNX. “It enables developers and ends users around the world to get to their data. They will be able to access DISAM using all open-data access standards, including .NET, JDBC, OLE DB, and ODBC. A new market is now able to open up all their data, which before was an impossibility.”

The partnership with Byte Designs has already yielded a new CONNX database module, CONNX for DISAM. This new module guarantees all DISAM database owners and developers quick and easy SQL access to their existing structures, and simplified integration of that data with the data available in any one of the more than 30 relational and non-relational databases CONNX already supports.

CONNX chose Byte Design as a partner out of consideration for DISAM users who want to access data stored in other databases across the enterprise. By using the new CONNX database module, DISAM users can also migrate information to a Microsoft platform or open-source Linux/Unix platforms previously unsupported, use 64-bit file offsets to overcome file size limits, acquire thread-safe support for multi-threaded applications, easily access ISAM data on a Microsoft or Linux/Unix server, get timely and responsive technical support, and further prepare for the 64-bit future – through a single connection.

About CONNX Solutions
CONNX provides businesses secure read/write real-time access to all enterprise data from any platform as if all the data existed in one relational database. This technology has been referred to as a "federated database", or a "virtual database". All data is then accessible using standard ANSI SQL and any standards-based application. CONNX acts as a reusable data access framework for projects throughout the enterprise. CONNX supports Adabas (currently on OS/390, z/OS, and Microsoft platforms); Microsoft SQL Server (on all platforms); Sybase (on all platforms); Informix (on all platforms); C-ISAM (on Linux, AIX, Sun, Solaris, SCO, and Windows operating systems); IBM VSAM (on z/OS, OS/390, MVS, and VSE platforms); IBM DB2 (on all platforms); Oracle (on all platforms); RMS, Rdb and Codasyl DBMS (on OpenVMS and VMS platforms); PostGreSQL (on all platforms); Dataflex; POWERflex; and any OLE DB, ODBC, JDBC, or .NET data source. CONNX can be found in many countries and on the World Wide Web at .

About Byte Designs
Byte Designs is a privately-held Canadian company which was first incorporated in the Province of British Columbia in 1987. They have been in the software development business since 1978. Their first product was Tracker, a complete point-of-sale solution that includes inventory management, invoicing, and accounts receivable. Tracker was quickly followed by DISAM and W – Windows, which runs on the Unix platform. Their customer base stretches worldwide for both DISAM/DISAM96 and Tracker. For more information about Byte Designs and the DISAM/DISAM96 programming tools, visit For more Information about Tracker point-of-sale software visit

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