REDMOND, Wash. – November 29, 2005

New Release of CONNX SQL Engine, Version 10.0, Unlocks Enterprise Data on UNIX and Linux Platforms

CONNX Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of simplified data access management and integration software solutions, announces the release of CONNX 10. This release features a native Linux/UNIX implementation of the powerful CONNX SQL Engine, enabling Web services and Java applications to access enterprise data via a single server. Removing the “data federation” server previously required in mixed-platform environments reduces IT expenditures for the enterprise by reducing the complexity of hardware and software setup and deployment.

The CONNX SQL engine provides real-time and simultaneous access to a wide array of relational and non-relational data sources. The new CONNX Linux/UNIX SQL engine in Version 10 also includes a native JDBC server, which plugs in to the CONNX pure-Java JDBC Driver. Companies that use Linux, AIX, Solaris, or HP-UX as their primary operating system in the back office can now deploy applications that store data on an open system, on mainframes, and on Windows.

“CONNX 10 doubles our market opportunities with the newest release of the CONNX SQL Engine, since it enables CONNX to be deployed behind Web servers in Linux or UNIX environments with no additional server hardware. Many of our existing customers and development partners looking to standardize on a single platform have asked for this, to make them more competitive,” said Pat Malone, Vice-president of Sales and Marketing at CONNX Solutions.

CONNX has been an essential tool for many years for companies that want to preserve their investment in applications relying on ODBC and JDBC access methods and legacy data. The CONNX Solutions, Inc., technology has traditionally been Windows-based, designed to function as a gateway to Java data sources. Developers using CONNX have been able to access and integrate legacy data with SQL-standards-based technology, thereby extending the functionality of their current Java applications and avoiding costly migrations. CONNX Version 10 brings the developer the option to use a Windows platform with Microsoft’s SQL Server 2005 or Linux/UNIX platforms for access to legacy information.

“This release is another step forward in our strategy to allow customers to choose the technology appropriate for their business needs, without getting locked into a particular vendor. Customers can now deploy applications on UNIX servers, Windows servers, or on the mainframe, and can use CONNX technology as the glue that ties all their corporate data together seamlessly,” said Larry McGhaw, the CTO at CONNX Solutions.

About CONNX Solutions
CONNX provides real-time access to all enterprise data as if it existed in one relational database. This technology has been referred to as Enterprise Information Integration or "EII". All data is then accessible using standard ANSI SQL and any standards-based application via OLE DB, ODBC, .NET, or JDBC drivers, and Linux- or UNIX-based operating systems.

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