Dallas, Texas - May 23, 2006

OpenConnect Introduces soaConnect-SQL for Optimal Mainframe-to-Web Data Access

CONNX's Industry-Leading Integration Solution Bundled with OpenConnect's soaConnect Product Suite

OpenConnect Systems, Inc., delivering technology solutions that turn mainframe assets into business value, today introduced soaConnect-SQL, its newest product to provide the best solution for executing a mainframe-to-Web migration strategy. In partnership with CONNX Solutions, a leading provider of enterprise information integration solutions, OpenConnect's soaConnect-SQL enables the creation of secure, reusable enterprise wide data services that draw from multiple disparate data sources. Unlike other solutions, soaConnect-SQL allows for a single data service to connect to relational, hierarchical and flat data sources simultaneously to join, query or update the master data.

Following its proven best-of-breed product and partnership strategy, OpenConnect is committed to providing its customers with the best solutions to help them successfully build and execute strategic SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) initiatives. This flexibility ensures that OpenConnect can configure an optimal solution based on each customerís existing IT architecture to enable a secure, maintainable, high-performance SOA service.

"OpenConnect starts by helping IT executives discover the real business processes that drive their business operations, giving them the ability to configure the most effective solutions for their environment," said Edward Peters, OpenConnect's chief executive officer. "No company should 'force fit' their requirements into a single vendor's solution when their situation requires a better answer. That's why at OpenConnect, we are aggressively seeking out and partnering with best-of-breed individual technology providers."

CONNX Solutions is a leading provider of data access software that allows users to directly access and manage vital enterprise data. OpenConnect helps complex organizations comprehend, configure and securely connect to mainframe applications and data. Bringing the technology of each company together into soaConnect-SQL provides a solution for data services spanning all enterprise data sources. The result is that all corporate data sources appear as a single, federated, standard SQL addressable database, configurable into a SOA data service. soaConnect-SQL has a distributed SQL engine, where the work of processing queries is distributed optimally between the application servers and the host data server.

"Mainframes were the first computing platform of corporate information technology and continue to be a crucial platform for data and applications," said Douglas D. Wright, president and CEO of CONNX. "Our technology combined with OpenConnect's allows users to further tap into the mainframe to leverage enterprise data in new SOA business services."

About CONNX Solutions
CONNX provides businesses Enterprise Information Integration via secure read/write real-time access to all enterprise data, from any platform. The simplicity of the means of access to the data contributes to a streamlining of resources and costs, and improvements in security. All data is then accessible using standard ANSI SQL and any standards-based application.

CONNX offers Change Data Capture capabilities through its unique CONNX Data Replication and Synchronization tool, with which users can perform scheduled, on-demand, or full updates and reloads of their data.

CONNX supports IMS; Adabas (currently OS/390, z/OS, VSE, Unix, and Windows platforms); IDMS (on all platforms); Datacom (on all platforms); Microsoft SQL Server (on all platforms); Sybase (on all platforms); Informix (on all platforms); C-ISAM, DISAM, and Micro Focus (on Linux, AIX, Sun, Solaris, and SCO operating systems); IBM VSAM (on z/OS, OS/390, MVS, and VSE); IBM DB2 (on all platforms); Oracle (on all platforms); RMS, Rdb, and Codasyl DBMS (on OpenVMS and VMS platforms); PostGreSQL (on all platforms); Dataflex; POWERflex; and any OLE DB, ODBC, or .NET, or JDBC data source. For more information, visit

About OpenConnect
OpenConnect is the premier supplier of technology solutions that turn mainframe assets into business value. With a rich history of innovations in both mainframe and Web technologies, OpenConnect helps the world's largest and most complex organizations comprehend, configure and securely connect to their mainframe applications and data through Web-based architectures. OpenConnect's solutions save companies time and money, improve return on legacy technology investments and minimize the risk of expansion into the online realm. OpenConnect's products are distributed in more than 60 countries and used by more than 60 percent of Fortune 100 companies. For more information on OpenConnect, visit .

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