REDMOND, Wash. June 5, 2006

CONNX Solutions Announces Strategic Partnership With Pio-Tech, Expanding Market Coverage Across Middle East

Redmond, Washington, June 5, 2006

CONNX Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of simplified data access management and integration software solutions, today announces a new partnership with Pioneers Information Technologies Co., Ltd., also known as Pio-Tech, a Jordanian-based Information Technology and System Integration company operating throughout the Middle East.

Together, Pio-Tech and CONNX offer highly efficient management solutions with a focus on the banking industry. The ability of CONNX to provide data access and integration will help Pio-Tech generate new opportunities, deliver better service to its customers, and reach markets which have previously been considered difficult to penetrate.

Pio-Tech has already established partnerships with many IT companies, integrating their various solutions with core industry-specific applications. Missions accomplished include integrating workflow and processes automation and developing MIS systems to provide intelligent reporting, a query-and-analysis platform using a data warehouse, as well as other Business Intelligence products. Pio-Tech is using CONNX for data connectivity to Oracle and SQL Server data sources, for example, but especially for hard-to-access data sources and flat files such as C-ISAM.

The CONNX Data Synchronization tool will be used by Pio-Tech to extract data from these sources to a data model. A third-party product is positioned on top of the data model to provide customers with advanced reporting, query, and analysis requirements.

CONNX adaptability is used by Pio-Tech in Business Process Management solutions as well, providing pre-built banking processes and workflows in integration with the banking systems that store data on flat files.

"Pio-Tech has committed itself to a lasting and successful presence in the Middle East, and to this day has invested heavily in recruiting highly qualified and experienced personnel. We are confident that our experience will aid in exposing CONNX to the evolving and promising Middle East marketing by introducing CONNX to both the end customers and technology providers in our area," said Rand Hashem, Managing Director at Pio-Tech. "We had a project to implement a data warehouse and business intelligence solution at a bank, which used a closed banking system based on C-ISAM files. For more than six months, we were unable to properly access the data for the needed data integration until we were introduced to CONNX (through an ad in one of the business magazines). We were immediately impressed with the feature content of CONNX, its ease of use, and the professional service provided by the CONNX team. Using CONNX, we were able in just two weeks to set up a proof of concept, build a pilot model, and successfully demonstrate a solution for the customer. We have already had interest from other customers with similar requirements who wish to expand current project scope and implement a data warehouse solution using CONNX and the Data Synchronization tool."

"The success Pio-Tech has experienced again confirms significant benefits are achieved with the high-performance distributed architecture CONNX brings to the marketplace. The total solution with a major BI vendor coupled with the robust solution for gathering incremental changes made to databases guarantees a secure and flexible reusable solution. Pio-Tech is CONNX Solutions' entry into the Middle East," said Shirley McKinney, Director of Business Development at CONNX.

About CONNX Solutions
CONNX Solutions provides secure high performance data access and migration tools for systems integrators and enterprise developers working on legacy modernization project or deploying services-oriented architected (SOA) applications. Designed for scalability with a distributed architecture, CONNX products are based on industry standards (SQL, ODBC, JDBC, .NET, OLE DB) for ease of use and compatible with more than 40 legacy hierarchical, relational, networked object and flat file data sources. Since 1994, more than 3,000 organizations have selected CONNX for data integration and synchronizations projects.

About Pioneers Information Technologies Co., Ltd
Pio-Tech is a subsidiary of Techpower Corporation, which has regional offices throughout the Middle East. Pio-Tech has strategic alliances with several business partners who complement its offerings of Enterprise Management solutions (Business Performance Management, Business Process Management ,Customer Relationship Management ) while simultaneously providing the benefits of a single focal point integration partner. The range of Pio-Tech services encompasses such areas as business process and performance management, data transformation, Business Intelligence solutions, and Customer Relationship Management solutions, including sales automation, marketing automation, technical support, customer support, and employee support.

For more information on Pio-Tech, contact:

Rand Hashem
Managing Director
Pioneers Information Technologies Co., Ltd.
P. O. Box 885 Amman 11953 - Jordan
Tel : +962 (6) 5523248/5516115
Mobile: +962 79 5587432

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