REDMOND, Wash. – December 12, 2007

CONNX Solutions, Inc. Saves Wyman-Gordon Countless Hours in User Request Fulfillment

CONNX Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of simplified data access, management and integration software solutions, announced today that Wyman-Gordon, a PCC Company (Precision Castparts Corp.) has deployed CONNX Solutions, Inc.’s flagship product CONNX, to join RMS and SQL Server 2005 data and enable faster fulfillment of user requests for analyzing, correcting and extracting data.

With over 100 years of experience, Wyman-Gordon is the global leader in the design, manufacture, assembly, and integration of complex metal components and products. It serves the Aerospace, Power Generation, Oil & Gas Exploration, Medical, Automotive, Locomotive, Food Processing and Nuclear markets. Virtually every commercial and military aircraft depends on Wyman-Gordon landing gear, turbine engines and airframe structures.

Wyman-Gordon is using CONNX to join SQL Server 2005 and RMS databases. CONNX lets Wyman-Gordon create simple SQL queries using InfoNaut (CONNX’s query tool) so user reported problems can be fixed on the spot. User requests that took the better part of a day to resolve can be queried and resolved in about ten minutes with CONNX.

Wyman-Gordon is using a phased approach to modernize its QMS (Quality Management System) and CONNX is an important part of this phased methodology. Using CONNX, Wyman-Gordon will be able to transform its legacy data structures to modern relational data structures instead of writing extract and import transformation programs. Wyman-Gordon will use CONNX to migrate RMS data to their Progress database. And CONNX lets Wyman-Gordon use both the original RMS data format and the new Progress data format in their new QMS.

“With CONNX, Wyman-Gordon is being given the tools to extend the life of its RMS data in order to support its equipment automation projects, use its newly modernized QMS application and save the company time and money fulfilling user requests,” stated John Charpentier, Director of Marketing at CONNX Solutions, Inc.

Wyman-Gordon chose CONNX, because

“We looked at several potential providers and CONNX wanted to work closely with us from day one. The cost of other solutions was much higher, and pre-sales support was not as good as with CONNX. CONNX allowed us to try the product for 30 days and then extended our trial period when we requested an extension. We knew it would work before we purchased the product; . . . it was the least expensive solution. It handled many of our data problems related to our legacy databases, and technical support spent countless hours with us resolving any issues that we had with the product, perceived or real in a very timely fashion; . . . the product has already more than paid for itself,” said Dave Howard, Business System Analyst at Wyman-Gordon.

About CONNX Solutions
CONNX Solutions, located in Redmond, WA, is a leading provider of simplified data access management and integration software solutions that allows users to directly access and manage vital enterprise information from virtually any data source (using open data access standards) including Adabas™, RMS, Oracle Rdb, Oracle CODASYL DBMS, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase®, IBM® DB2®, IBM® Informix®, IBM® C-ISAM, D-ISAM™, Micro Focus®, IBM VSAM, IBM IMS, DataFlex® and Powerflex® databases.

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