REDMOND, Wash. - October 4, 2011

CONNX Solutions Enhances Metadata, Performance, and Mainframe Support

CONNX Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of simplified data access, management and integration software solutions, announces the release of CONNX 11 SP3, which is available today for demonstration, evaluation and purchase. This release introduces a metadata comparison tool. The CDD comparison tool facilitates the migration of metadata from test, to development, to production. Additionally this release includes several enhancements for VSAM, Adabas, and IMS.

Metadata Comparison Tool
The CDD Comparison tool enables users to quickly identify changes in the data dictionary as it migrates through different environments. The tool compares standard column & table metadata, in addition to advanced metadata such as column mapping and views clauses used in event replication.

"Interim product releases generally lack significant new feature enhancements, however in SP3 we are pleased to be able to satisfy many customer feature requests, and the feedback thus far has been extremely positive,” says Larry McGhaw, CTO & VP of Development at CONNX Solutions, Inc.

IMS Enhancements
An additional method to import metadata for IMS has been added that enables customers to use an Index Text Specification file rather than the IBM IMS Library Integrity Utilities for zOS.

Adabas Enhancements
Adabas queries with select count(*) and min(ISN) now return instantly, increasing application performance.

VSAM Enhancements
CONNX for VSAM now natively support GDG (IBM Generational Data Groups) data sets, enabling access to a particular generation, or simply the latest generation.

General Enhancements
Many queries perform up to 10% faster with SP3. Improved compatibility with SQL Server 64bit. Improved compatibility with MySQL.

"There is something for everyone in this release, we have closely listened to our customer and provided many features that we have been asked for," said Shirley McKinney, Director of Business Development at CONNX Solutions, Inc.

Enhanced Integration features presented in CONNX 11

CONNX 11 SP3 is currently available for purchase. Contact CONNX Solutions at 888-882-6669 for pricing information.

About CONNX Solutions, Inc.
CONNX Solutions, Inc. continues to offer standards based software tools for direct access to enterprise data via SQL regardless of the database type being targeted (relational or non-relational). With CONNX’s unique metadata capabilities, VIEWs can be defined using disparate database tables and the CONNX SQL engine will perform the joins for you when accessing or writing to your data through this CONNX TABLE VIEW. CONNX continues to allow an automated way of replacing the 3GL program writing for extracting, transferring, loading of production data to data warehouses as well as synchronizing that data using our DataSync product.

CONNX Solutions’ products have been implemented by over 3,000 organizations worldwide. Government and business entities use CONNX in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, education, healthcare, financial services, telecommunications, aerospace, and information technology.

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