TORONTO / Friday, May 29, 2015

IRI Triples Number of Data Formats It Processes and Protects with CONNX Solutions Partnership

84 More Sources Available for Data Integration, Masking, and BI with CONNX Solutions Partnership

Melbourne, Fla. (May 29, 2015) – Innovative Routines International (IRI), Inc., also known as The CoSort Company, has announced that its software can now acquire and manage data from many more data sources. A new partnership with CONNX Solutions, Inc. enables users of the IRI Workbench GUI to acquire and work with data in many proprietary mainframe file and legacy database formats.

IRI previously supported 42 different structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data sources. With the 84 additional connections now available through CONNX, “those with Adabas, , IMS, VSAM, RMS, Rdb, DataFlex and other mainframe datasets -- or Access, DBase, Focus, Progress, and other distributed system repositories - can now integrate, transform, convert, cleanse, mask, and report on their data from the Workbench,” according to IRI Software Engineer Claudia Irvine.

The IRI Workbench is a graphical user interface and integrated development environment built on Eclipse™ to control the design, deployment, and management of data connections, metadata, and data processing jobs. Its users define and combine IRI FACT (Fast Extract), IRI CoSort (data transformation and reporting), IRI NextForm (data and database migration), IRI FieldShield (data masking and encryption), and IRI RowGen (DB and file test data generation) operations from the GUI. IRI Workbench also supports multiple view and modification options for its supported data sources and targets.

According to CONNX Support Manager Curt Jensen, “many companies have data and processing routines that are locked in proprietary formats and want to access that data more freely, or migrate it to more modern systems and applications.” The CONNX-IRI collaboration “gives legacy data users more utility and freedom over their data. They can now also govern it, and merge it with dark data for analysis,” he added.

About IRI, The CoSort Company

Founded in 1978, IRI develops fast, Eclipse-supported software tools for managing and protecting big data in legacy migrations, DW ETL, BI/analytics, and development. IRI is headquartered in Melbourne, FL, and has representatives in more than 40 cities.

About CONNX Solutions

CONNX Solutions is a leader in the data access, migration, integration, virtualization, and replication. Their solutions enable quick, secure, and scalable SQL access to legacy, non-relational, relational, and cloud data wherever it resides, however it is structured, without any change to your core systems. CONNX is quick and easy to set up and use and offers easy standards-based tools that are accessible, flexible, and scalable. Since 2001, CONNX solutions have been installed in more than 3,000 organizations worldwide and across a range of industries including government, manufacturing, education, technology, human resources, financial services, and telecommunications. CONNX’s solutions unleash the power and value of information providing organizations the ability to make confident, evidence-based business decisions.

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