REDMOND / April 23, 2015

CONNX Solutions Releases CONNX 12 Which Includes our new Real-time ETL Solution InstantdbSync, Excel Add-in, Enhanced Big Data and Amazon Redshift Support, and Streaming Analytics Solution KPiSync.

CONNX Solutions Releases CONNX 12 Which Includes our new Real-time ETL Solution InstantdbSync, CONNX Excel Add-in, Enhanced Big Data Support, Amazon Support, now includes Redshift in addition to RDS, and our New Streaming Analytics Solution KPiSync. CONNX enables organizations to replicate, integrate and connect multiple data sources, no matter where they reside in the enterprise, delivering a federated view of that data as if it existed in a single, relational database.

CONNX Solutions, leading provider of simplified data access, data management, data virtualization, and data integration, releases CONNX 12. CONNX provides businesses secure read/write real-time access to most enterprise data from any platform as if all the data existed in one relational database. CONNX acts as a reusable data access framework for projects throughout the enterprise.

With this solid framework in place, CONNX developed solutions to meet modern business data movement and access needs; such as Real-time data manipulation, Mobile/Cloud based solutions, Big Data support, Enterprise reporting, and so much more. The CONNX 12 product suite includes new solutions like, InstantdbSync, KPiSync, Excel Add-in, and Enhanced Support.

InstantdbSync is a Real-time Replication/Synchronization, Change Data Capture, and Data Warehousing tool. The InstantdbSync solution gives companies the ability to seamlessly move data from a source database to any number of relational, non-relational, Cloud, desktop, or In-memory databases for easier access, data reporting, and analysis.

CONNX's answer to Streaming Analytics is KPiSync. KPiSync is a Mobile Application to help users 'Visualize your Key Business Metrics on any device in real time'. The CONNX KPiSync solution was designed with the purpose of providing users with a quick and easy method of delivering Key Performance Indicators from all facets of a business to users via any device, smartphone, tablet, or PC. It is available for all Windows, Apple, and Android devices.

The Excel Add-In allows for a quicker and easier data access to any data source within Microsoft Excel. The CONNX wizard will allow a streamlined connection and data selection for the over 110 supported data sources. CONNX extends Excel to allow for connection to multiple data sources and allows joins between tables from different data sources.

CONNX has always been known for having the widest range of database drivers in the industry, and now has even more. CONNX 12 includes enhanced support for Big Data, Amazon RDS and Redshift, SQL Server 2014, and more than 110 Databases.

"CONNX 12 empowers new and existing users to extend and enhance their current infrastructure. CONNX 12 offers the ability to provide Streaming Analytics and an easy to use Excel-Add In for Non-Relational, Relational or Cloud databases on the Mainframe, VMS, UX, LX, Windows, Cloud, and other platforms. The beauty of CONNX 12, is the ability to utilize modern data solutions, with or without changing your existing infrastructure, saving time and money", stated Harpal Gill, Senior VP Global Alliances of CONNX Solutions, Inc.

About CONNX Solutions, Inc.

CONNX Solutions is a leader in the data access, migration, integration, virtualization, and replication. Their solutions enable quick, secure, and scalable SQL access to legacy, non-relational, relational, and cloud data wherever it resides, however it is structured, without any change to your core systems. CONNX is quick and easy to set up and use and offers easy standards-based tools that are accessible, flexible, and scalable. Since 2001, CONNX solutions have been installed in more than 3,000 organizations worldwide and across a range of industries including government, manufacturing, education, technology, human resources, financial services, and telecommunications. CONNX's solutions unleash the power and value of information providing organizations the ability to make confident, evidence-based business decisions.

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