CONNX Benefits

CONNX is Real-Time

Unlike data warehousing products that require the IS department to physically move data from the transactional system to a relational database periodically, CONNX enables users to access data directly from transaction database sources. Because it is based on industry-standard ODBC, OLE DB, JDBC, XML, ADO, and .NET technology, CONNX enables organizations to access multiple, disparate databases, while preserving data integrity and presenting end users with a single, consistent interface.

CONNX is Robust

CONNX is a scalable solution designed for business-critical production environments. CONNX can handle any number of performance-enhancing tasks, including SQL optimization on single and multikeyed indexes, and multitable joins. By offloading much of the processing required for data extraction to the PC, CONNX minimizes the impact of data extraction on the transactional system and significantly reduces network traffic.

CONNX is Secure

CONNX not only respects existing security restrictions, but offers and provides additional user, group, row, field, table, and database security.

CONNX Speeds Deployment on Multiple Clients

The CONNX Silent Client enables remote installation of the CONNX client. The key to a silent client installation is a record file created during a record mode installation. Once the record file is created, it can be used to repeat the installation procedure on multiple client computers, resulting in “rapid-fire” installation of CONNX on multiple machines, which in turn can mean shorter time to implementation.

CONNX is Vendor Neutral

Because CONNX is based on open standards, your enterprise is not locked into one proprietary solution. CONNX provides flexibility for today and for the future.

Imagine if you could combine related information from different systems into one true enterprise-wide view across the IT structure of your organization. Then imagine that you could use this same enterprise-wide view for development or business intelligence using familiar end-user applications.

We have a technology vision called "CONNX at the Core" that meets this challenge. When fully implemented, the essential CONNX formula enables access to all of your information as if it resided in one place regardless of origin, and then seamlessly combines it in ways that make sense for your business. All projects requiring access to the same information can reuse the same layer. By using the same CONNX open architecture and standards-based technology as the nucleus for additional products, CONNX gives you the ability to access data from existing databases and the versatility to access other databases as required. There is no need to worry about mastering additional software to make it all work.

"CONNX at the Core" makes it possible for you to maintain and capitalize on the investment in your enterprise data, combine it with the latest technologies, preserve the integrity of the data, improve productivity, and keep your business running smoothly.