The CONNX Data Synchronization Tool pumps data to a data mart or a data warehouse. With CONNX Data Synchronization, users can move a complete snapshot of a pre-defined list of tables, views or complex transformations into the Data Warehouse. The tool can also incrementally update the current snapshot of data through a simple-to-use scheduling interface. This accomplishes the goal of "near real-time" data synchronization.




DataSync Server Architecture

The CONNX REST Service runs on a Windows Server and can be accessed via a web browser via HTTPS. An OWIN Web interface feeds an Angular client to the browser which then interacts with the CONNX server via REST API calls.  This architecture not only supports the built in angular client supplied by DataSync, but also provides tremendous power to businesses who wish to build their own custom automated tasks via REST calls.  Every REST API used by the Angular client is fully documented in swagger pages that can be accessed from the CONNX Server.