CONNX 13.5

Looking to go to the cloud? CONNX 13.5 now offers a more complete cloud support with the addition of Amazon Redshift®.

RedShift Support

CONNX has been allowing users to connect to the major cloud-computing services like Amazon RDS®, Microsoft Azure®, and others for some time. With CONNX 13.5, we now offer more complete cloud support with the addition of Amazon Redshift®. CONNX helps users looking to enhance their environments with a hybrid [on premise/cloud] infrastructure, or looking to move to the cloud. Access and replication from on premise to the cloud, cloud to on premise, or cloud-to-cloud is now possible with 13.5 as well as data warehousing to relational [RDS] or columnar [Redshift] data sources. CONNX now offers full support for all the Amazon/Azure databases.

Additional enhancements/improved support:

  • Redshift® Support
  • Enhanced Replication Administrator
  • Command line options to replication controller
  • SSL Support for connections between client and server code
  • Upgraded security


In CONNX version 13 we added MySQL as a real-time source on Windows® as well as Linux. Using a new native CONNX MySQL Driver, as a user of MySQL you can now benefit from all the real-time tools provided by InstantdbSync. For version 13.5 we’ve added even more capabilities for greater user control and access.

ACD Replications

ACD Replications is a special type of replication that tracks the operations done against a database rather than replicating the data itself. When an ACD Replication is selected, a source table is defined and a special ACD target table is created in the target database. The event producer will now monitor the source database for any transactions against the table specified in the ACD Replication and a record will be inserted into the ACD target table specifying each operation (add, change or delete) that occurs for the transaction. The ACD target table is a transaction log for the specified source table. New in CONNX 13 is added ACD support for MySQL and Adabas as a source.

Add-on Pro for Excel

The Add-on Pro for Excel allows for quicker and easier data access to any data source within Microsoft Excel. If you prefer Excel for viewing, reporting and manipulating your business data, then this is the perfect solution for fast and reliable access. With Add–on Pro for Excel, any user has the ability to view and extract data with full Excel capabilities without any worry of altering the source data. The CONNX wizard allows a streamlined connection to be established and data selection for 150+ supported databases and platforms.

New in CONNX 13, Add–on for Excel now allows editing of filtered data sets. More specifically data sets generated with SQL Statements containing "where" criteria.


Our Mobile BI Application CONNX KPiSync helps you visualize key business metrics on any device, in real time. A new granular licensing option allows you to create quotas for users and usage, so you can regulate the number of pushes, number of users or number of KPis by user.

CONNX KPiSync keeps you in touch with your critical business information from any corporate application or data store, any time, all the time, in real time, whether you are in the office, on the go or at home. KPiSync makes it simple to keep track of your critical business metrics simply by defining a key performance indicator that will query your enterprise data. These indicators are then pushed to your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device, using our secure, hosted cloud–based solution.

You also can send mail when a KPi is pushed or if an error occurs using the new SMTP feature.

Changes to Adabas Support

  • InstantdbSync ACD support for Adabas as source
  • Support for Adabas SSX security on LUW
  • Mixed–case FDTs and schema timestamp, when importing tables
  • Adabas timestamp with time–zone support
  • New support for building Adabas sample tables

Many, many, more…

Several smaller features have been added to CONNX 13.5 as well. Please read the Release Notes for a full description.