CONNX: DB Adapters

Simplified SQL Data Access to Any DB.

CONNX is a simplified data access solution to any database via the industry's largest set of database connectors. The CONNX solution offers real-time, read/write SQL access, using open data access standards, to virtually any legacy, non-relational, relational, Cloud, Big Data, In-memory, or other data source. Since 1989, the CONNX Product and its Data Connectors have made it easy for customers to connect to their databases, Custom and off the shelf Applications, as well as Web, Java, and .NET applications. CONNX supports open data access technologies including ODBC, OLE DB, JDBC, J2EE, and .NET, providing user development and reporting/query tool flexibility.

CONNX Provides quick and easy access to read in file definitions from a variety of databases, FD's, and COBOL copybooks to schemas for our metadata layers. For any older 32 bit data sources, we can connect and provide 64 bit access to tools.

Platform Support

The CONNX Product wide platform support was designed and optimized for use on the Mainframe (OS/390, z/OS, MVS, VSE, and Unisys), UNIX (HP UX, AIX, Solaris, and SCO), AS/400, Linux / Red Hat, SUSE, Firebird, Ubunto, and CentOS, OpenVMS, and most Windows flavors.

Data Virtualization

In today´s world of rapid decision making the concept of data extraction and loading is not always the most efficient way to get the most current data. Data virtualization is the rapid access to live data via solutions that provide a single data management model (Metadata Model) that allows an application to retrieve and manipulate data from one or more data sources without requiring technical details about the data, such as how it is formatted or where it is physically located. CONNX Data virtualization uses the CONNX DB Adaptor to create a single view of a single or multiple databases and allow real-time access to consume the as it is being updated in real-time.

  • Fewer data errors
  • Less stress on source systems workload
  • Reduced time for development/support
  • Less strain on data storage
  • Sped up data access with real-time
  • Learn more about Data Virtualization


The CONNX Metadata layer ( CDD: CONNX Data Dictionary) enables quick and easy access to the source systems to retrieve the metadata. CONNX can join multiple data sources ( no matter where they reside) giving you a single view of your data as if it exists in a single relational database.

With CONNX, a single metadata model can be created that spans all enterprise data sources and applications requiring data access. The result is an enterprise-wide view of data that provides a reusable standards-based framework for information access. The power of CONNX simplified data access solution is that it preserves and enhances database systems by providing heterogeneous, secure and real-time access to disparate databases through a single driver. This means that disparate data sources can be treated as one federated relational database, allowing the enterprise complete database flexibility.

CONNX Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of simplified SQL data access, integration and replication software solutions. Our suite of data access drivers provide high-performance, secure, real-time SQL connectivity to virtually any non-relational or relational data source, using open data access standards.

With CONNX in place, the following options are available:

  • Connectivity "pipe" for ODBC-, OLE DB-, JDBC-, .NET- compliant applications
  • Data Migration
  • Application Development
  • Internet/Intranet/Extranet Development
  • Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Reusable Metadata Management
  • Data Virtualization
  • Data Warehousing