Transformation Server: Data Transformation Software

Seamless Extract Transform Load management.

CONNX DataSync Transformation Server lets you extract, transform, and load relational and non-relational data anywhere in your organization. Fully compatible with virtually every server-side platform and database architecture, CONNX Data Transformation Software is a secure, scalable, and proven ETL solution.

DataSync Transformation Server features a powerful yet simple SQL-based Transform Wizard to accelerate your ETL projects. Manage single- or multi-table transforms and synchronizations using its integrated Query Builder, or write your own SQL statements. Create new target tables or load data into previously mapped tables. The Transform Wizard gives you complete control over target database attributes including table and field names, data types, lengths, scales, and precisions. Easily combine columns from any source table regardless of database type, and create new and unique indexes on your target table.

The CONNX DataSync Administrator lets you create and manage your ETL processes and configure global synchronization and transformation settings. With it you can schedule incremental or full synchronizations, launch pre- or post-synch tasks, and set up automatic email event notifications. Now that's effortless control.