Change Data Capture

Scalable, secure data integration done right.

21st-century business moves faster than ever. From your customers to your suppliers, the value chain is changing in ways that force you to rethink your business model almost every day. Does your team have the information to respond appropriately?

Your ability to support faster, more effective decision making across your organization depends on the reliability and accuracy of the data you supply. You'll survive if you're putting fresh, up-to-date information into the hands of decision makers. You'll thrive if you can pull that information from your mission-critical systems without compromising their uptime and performance, and blend it together in meaningful and revealing ways.

The standard model is to replicate data in a separate database and refresh it as frequently and unobtrusively as you can. With Change Data Capture solutions from CONNX, you can build your data store or data warehouse wherever you like, and you can keep it fresh and up-to-date with minimal latency and impact on the original systems. Apply updates triggered by incremental changes – on a schedule that you control – and ensure that your audience is tuned in to the very latest information available.

CONNX uses a unique distributed SQL Engine to move a company's enterprise data from virtually any source location to virtually any target, capturing changes from single or multiple data sources. This distributed engine optimizes performance based on available resources at the source and destination. You can easily specify which data to move, when to move it, where to put it and whether to perform a complete or incremental update.

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