Extract-Transform-Load (ETL)

Keeping it simple, because life's complicated enough.

In a perfect world, your entire organization would be run from a single, unified and all-powerful platform. And cars would fly. Until that day, you have to deal with multiple platforms and multiple requirements, which inevitably leads to the same data being needed in more than one place. Only, it's just a little different.

There are many Extract-Transform-Load data services on the market that can help. But the reality – like cars that don't fly – is that they only get you part way there. Some require separate database drivers, others require you to master command-line coding or navigate through multiple screens to stitch together your project.

Then there's the CONNX ETL data services, a brilliantly simple yet immensely powerful platform that takes all the effort out of your data management projects. The CONNX solution enables seamless extraction, transformation and loading of data from virtually any data source throughout your organization.

Harnessing the power of our SQL Data Access engine, the CONNX platform lets you build a centralized data management system that gathers and distributes data from everywhere, and puts it wherever it is needed, in the format that is required.

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