Real-time Analytics

Real-time Data Replication/Synchronization.

In today's world of increasing data volumes and Big Data, we are seeing databases that are designed to store and process hundreds of millions of fields, handle large volumes of data, and manage high-speed transactions, all while they house the critical business data needs of today's fast-paced companies. With the databases of today, applications are able to save and retrieve complex data structures in a single physical record and in a single operation. Today's databases have significant transactional performance advantages over traditional databases, which would require several joins between many tables to accomplish the same task.

While some databases excel in transactional performance, other databases excel in analytical capability. Relational databases have a large selection of analytical and reporting tools available for companies to use. The optimum solution would give companies the ability to seamlessly move data from a source database to any number of relational, non-relational, Cloud, desktop, or in memory databases for easier access, data reporting, and analysis.

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