Our Story

Mission Statement

Data access and integration made simple. We are dedicated to transforming how our worldwide customers and partners use, integrate, and access data by providing the means to make data access problems irrelevant. Our solutions position organizations to meet the IT challenges of today while providing a reusable framework for the future.


Like all good software companies, CONNX is the product of a bold vision. This vision was inspired by the PC revolution of the late 1980s, when desktop computing vigorously disrupted the corporate and institutional worlds. CONNX founders recognized that the PC would dramatically change how companies and organizations gathered and used data.

The first version of CONNX software, founded in 1989, was a simple API that enabled access to traditionally non-accessible data sources (i.e. legacy and mainframe). Today, CONNX solutions comprise a full-featured suite of data access software tools that allows simultaneous secure, real time, read/write access to all of an organization's different and sometimes incompatible data sources - regardless of location. We have grown into a global leader in data access and integration solutions serving more than 3,200 customers around the world. We can be found in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, government, financial services, telecommunications, transportation, information technology, education and more.


We are dedicated to making data access problems obsolete so our customers can maximize the strategic value of their data. Our solutions transform how our customers and partners around the world use, integrate, and access their data. Our technology helps organizations meet the IT challenges of today while providing a reusable framework for the future.

Our solutions are built on an open standards-based platform that speaks every significant database language in use today. Through continuous investment in compatibility, performance and ease of use - largely driven by customer input - we have evolved from our humble beginnings as a database driver into an enterprise data management solution.