In-memory Computing

Need better, fast decision making?

The Internet, mobile, and social applications present a huge challenge in how to manage vast and growing amount of data. The next generation applications are data-intensive that rely on fast, smart data. In-memory databases store data in memory, unlike conventional DBMSs that store data in disk blocks. This allows organizations not only to speed up existing applications but also to support new business opportunities (real-time mobile advertisement placement, for example).

In-memory databases (IMDBs ) offers fast, powerful and united capabilities for managing and analyzing data to enable better decision making. It merges critical data access and analytics capabilities, real-time analytics, data mining and predictive analytics, in a single platform. Whether used as a data mart or a data warehouse, IMBDs can help you accelerate business intelligence, anticipate future opportunities and risks, and swiftly react to business change.

DataSync keeps your analytic platform fresh and up-to-date without impacting the performance of your data sources by staging the data prior to loading into IMDBs.. After all the analysis is done, synchronization the information back to your data warehouse for historical and trend analysis. DataSync lets you maintain data warehouses with minimal effort, delivering real-time data integration and continuous refreshes by updating only those records that have changed.

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