InfoNaut: Data Reporting Tool

Enterprise desktop querying and reporting.

CONNX InfoNaut Professional is an easy-to-use desktop querying and data reporting tool that helps IT teams put the power of data access right where it is needed most: in the hands of the user. CONNX InfoNaut Professional lets users build and manage their own queries and reports, accessing the full scope of enterprise data contained in legacy relational and non-relational databases throughout the organization.

CONNX InfoNaut Professional features an intuitive query and SQL statement builder with the ability to save queries in a wide range of file formats including XML, Microsoft Query (.dqy), Microsoft Excel (.xls), HTML, .asp, .csv, .sql and .txt. Saved queries can then be shared throughout the organization without the need for recreating them.

The Report Writer in CONNX InfoNaut Professional is a valuable tool for presentations and offline data analysis. The Report Writer can build highly customizable reports from queries or table information. Reports can be saved as PDF, HTML or Excel files, as well as TIF, RTF, CSV and TXT formats for easy sharing and distribution.

CONNX InfoNaut Professional is an excellent tool for performing data validation as well. Use it to check that newly formed data warehouses are being accurately updated and maintained.