Project Design Service

Jumpstart your project for success.

If you are unsure where to begin with your data project, or you simply want to validate your approach, CONNX Project Design experts are here to help. Whether you are seeking to build or expand a data warehouse, migrate data to a new system, or empower more people in your organization to build and run their own reports, CONNX Project Design Services can contribute a wealth of expert guidance. Our years of experience in data access and integration, and our intimate knowledge of our own solutions are at your service to help you get geared up for success.

We will come on-site to conduct a review of your existing databases and to assess the impact of your project. Along with you, we'll thoroughly analyze your needs and expectations, and determine the optimal mix of CONNX technologies required to deliver. We'll set you up for maximum return on investment from your CONNX solution.

Data Sources

Have multiple databases and can't connect them? Just send us your data sources, no obligations.