Ad Hoc Reporting with CONNX

Session Overview: Ad Hoc Reporting: users throughout the organization scream for it, IT traditionally can 't respond quickly enough, and the security issues associated with making enterprise data generally accessible make executives cringe. There are literally hundreds of products and tools that promise ease of use, security, and speedy development for ad hoc reporting, but fall short when considering the size, formats, and complexities of the common enterprise database file.

CONNX is not an ad hoc reporting tool, but rather makes ad hoc reporting tools work with your voluminous, complex, and sometimes awkward data files. Users know many of the ad hoc reporting tools such as Microsoft's Access or Crystal Reports - and CONNX allows your users to use the tools they are comfortable with to access what they want, when they want it. This session will provide you with an understanding of how CONNX provides you a means for practical, responsive, and easy data access for ad hoc reporting - your users will be thrilled that you did.

Who Should Attend?: CIOs and IT Managers who are responsible for delivering enterprise ad hoc reporting capabilities from the existing technical investments - without compromising security or productivity.

Power Users and Business Technologists who develop and perform ad hoc reporting for the enterprise and want easy, high- speed data access.

Methodologies: This session can be held in a boardroom, classroom, or informal one-on-one forum. Regardless of which venue is chosen, attendee participation and interaction is heartily encouraged. Training materials and instruction will be provided to each attendee for review during and following the session.

Computers used during the training will require a network connection to the CONNX data source and CONNX. Additional hardware and software requirements information is available from your CONNX Sales Representative if you have any questions prior to the training.

Skills You Will Acquire by Completing this Session

Upon completion of this session, you will have learned, practiced, and assimilated the following topics:

  • Understand the value of ad hoc reporting to provide users, decision makers, and IT with easy access to enterprise data.
  • Identify the popular ad hoc reporting tools, such as Microsoft Access, Crystal Reports, and discuss where and how they are currently being used.
  • Recognize how CONNX can provide ad hoc reporting tools connectivity to enterprise data, while simplifying the complexities of the file layouts, data contents, and data volumes.


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