Maximize your ROI.

The moment of truth for your project comes when the rubber hits the road - when someone in your organization runs that first query, or creates their own virtual database from multiple data sources. Just before that happens, your IT team needs to be ready to launch, educate and support the new application. An investment in training with CONNX Professional Services could end up being the smartest move you make, given its potential to reduce your workload and help you ensure maximum adoption and usage of your CONNX solution.

Our role-based training programs span the strategic and tactical. They are designed to guide you on the bigger issues such as Data Warehousing, Data Migration or Data Virtualization. They are also designed to make you a power user of your new CONNX tools.

CONNX Classroom Training

We have developed a Classroom Training program to educate CONNX users on how CONNX can be utilized both tactically and strategically. Tactically, CONNX can provide your organization access to its production data - using modern client/server development tools. Strategically, we want you to be aware of the capabilities of CONNX, beyond simple data access.

At your site, within your technical infrastructure, CONNX Training provides you a practical and hands-on approach for learning more about how to leverage CONNX and your organization's IT investments.

Relevant Training Sessions