Managed Reporting Environments with CONNX

Session Overview: Managed Reporting Environments bring together the strategies of warehousing data into a repository, real-time data access, ad hoc reporting, and analytical processing. Each of these strategies is often a project itself, and by combining them into a common, objective-driven project will provide an organization with a tremendous business intelligence infrastructure for the future.

CONNX is a product that can contribute to every aspect of an MRE, through a single driver. This session will provide you with an understanding of Managed Reporting Environments and how CONNX can reduce complexities, increase reliability, and provide specialized data warehousing and business intelligence tools to perform better.

Who Should Attend?: CIOs and IT Managers who are evaluating how to leverage their current technical infrastructure investments to include a complete enterprise wide data warehousing and reporting solution.

Power Users and Business Technologists who are currently delivering information to the enterprise that could better utilize CONNX and a Managed Reporting Environment infrastructure.

Methodologies: Depending on your database file structures, this session can be conducted during or following the set-up and installation of CONNX at your site. Regardless of when Rotated Arrays are reviewed, you will have an understanding of what they are, how they are used, and when to use them. The consultant conducting the training can assist you in determining whether the use of Rotated Arrays is an option or a requirement for your desired use of CONNX.

Skills You Will Acquire by Completing this Session

Upon completion of this session, you will have learned, practiced, and assimilated the following topics:

  • The aspects that make up an enterprise Managed Reporting Environment.
  • The techniques and tools that contribute to developing a Managed Reporting Environment.
  • How CONNX and the CONNX architecture contributes to each aspect of an enterprise Managed Reporting Environment.


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