Data Integration and Migration with CONNX

Session Overview: Applications have never worked together. In fact, applications built over the last 20 years were narrow-mindedly engineered to address very specific business issues. Evidence of this is the lack of foresight in considering Y2K implications. Organizations bound by the systems and philosophies of the past need a reasonable and phased approach to architecting an open and integrated infrastructure.

Whether you are attempting to make two applications or several heterogeneous systems share information, CONNX core technology allows you to bridge the gap with the use of a single driver. This session will provide you with a thorough understanding of how to utilize CONNX to exchange and utilize data across systems, whether it is a short-term migration project or a long-term integration strategy.

Who Should Attend?: CIOs and IT Managers who are evaluating how to make operational databases flexible and extensible to accommodate business change and adapt to newer technologies.

Power Users and Business Technologists who are tasked with making heterogeneous data sources share data, and accomplish it without impacting current business operations.

Methodologies: This session can be held in a boardroom, classroom or informal one-on-one forum. In all case, attendee participation and interaction is heartily encouraged. Training materials and instruction will be provided to each attendee for review during and following the session.

Skills You Will Acquire by Completing this Session

Upon completion of this session, you will have learned, practiced, and assimilated the following topics:

  • The risk factors associated with data integration, especially with legacy systems.
  • The data management issues of migrating data from large, operational databases.
  • Why most current technical infrastructures don't inherently support data integration and migration.
  • The power, features, and enterprise-capabilities of CONNX in any data integration and/or migration project.


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