Using Cognos Impromptu with CDD

Session Overview: Cognos Impromptu is a very robust enterprise reporting tool that compliments the speed and simplicity of CONNX. This session will provide you with the fundamentals for developing robust, reliable, and high- performance reports using Impromptu and CONNX.

Who Should Attend?: Members of IT who are responsible for the optimization and administration of the CONNX Data Dictionary should attend to better understand how to improve the performance and reliability of data access using CONNX.

Power Users and Business Technologists who will use CONNX in reporting, Internet, data warehousing, and other types of applications. They will have a better understanding of what metadata is available and how to better utilize it in their applications.

Business-Unit Managers and IT Managers are encouraged to attend to better understand how a single driver can access their enterprise data - and maintain it through a single meta data repository. Any IT Manager evaluating data access tools will appreciate the simplicity and power of the CONNX Data Dictionary.

Methodologies: This session can be held in a classroom or informal one-on-one forum. In either case, attendee participation or interaction is heartily encouraged. Training materials and instruction will be provided to each attendee for review during and following the training. All of the samples created during the hands-on portion of the training will be made available to you for future reference, continued development, or proof of concepts.

Computers used during the training will require a network connection to the CONNX data source, CONNX and a copy of Cognos Impromptu. If your organization does not have Cognos Impromptu, ask your CONNX Sales Representative about providing the software to conduct the training.

Skills You Will Acquire by Completing this Session

Upon completion of this session, you will have learned, practiced, and assimilated the following topics:

  • Create a Cognos Impromptu report using CONNX and your data.
  • Learn how to best design and optimize Cognos Impromptu reports for optimal performance.
  • Utilize CONNX Views from Cognos Impromptu.


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